Welcome to Bancroft Academy’s Radio List

All music featured in 'Bancroft Academy' is not the property of MrAuroraGames. We gratefully acknowledge the talented artists who have created these musical compositions. The music tracks in the game are either under the Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) Creative Commons license or have been obtained through an active Envato Elements Subscription. We aim to fully respect the rights and creative contributions of all musicians involved. If you are a music creator and do not wish for your work to be featured in 'Bancroft Academy,' please contact MrAuroraGames directly to address your concerns.

Episode 1 List

AGsoundtrax - Cute Robot Theme

AGsoundtrax - Funny Sitcom Theme

Alex - I Need To Paint My Walls

AlexGrohl - Stylish Rock Beat (Ending Credits)

Enrize - Pop

GentleJammers - Classy Woman

GoldTiger - This is Elevator Music

Jaysomeday - Farewell

LUMIQ - Can't Let You Go - Instrumental

LUMIQ - Can't Let You Go

LUMIQ - FreeRoam (Loop)

MokkaMusic - Run Faster

Monma - Breakfast

Nicolai Heidlas - Someways

Nicolai Heidlas - Sunrise

PeacockMusic - Magic

Pinkzebra - A Perfect Day - Instrumental

Pinkzebra - A Perfect Day

Pinkzebra - Bright Shining Love

Pinkzebra - Chasing the Sunshine - Instrumental

Pinkzebra - Chasing the Sunshine

Pinkzebra - Colors - piano version

Pinkzebra - Feels Like a Wedding Day - Instrumental

Pinkzebra - Feels Like a Wedding Day

Pinkzebra - Fly Away Home - Instrumental

Pinkzebra - Fly Away Home

Pinkzebra - Heroes and Dreamers (Ending Credits)

Pinkzebra - Larger Than Life - Instrumental

Pinkzebra - Larger Than Life

Pinkzebra - These Are the Best Days (Ending Credits)

Pinkzebra - Uplifting Feel Good Groove

Pinkzebra - Walk Through Life - Instrumental

Pinkzebra - Walk Through Life

Pinkzebra - With Honor

RedLionProduction - Uplifting Indie Pop Rock

Sappheiros - Dawn

SCOREWIZARDS - Boats in the Harbor

SCOREWIZARDS - Hollywood Hotel

SERG - Cinematic Piano

Silent Partner - Chances

Silent Partner - Gotta Find Out

Silent Partner - Jack in the Box

Silent Partner - Scrapbook

Silent Partner - The Wrong Time

The Red Collective - Crush - Instrumental

The Red Collective - Crush

The Red Collective - Elevator - Instrumental

The Red Collective - Elevator

The Red Collective - Have It All (LUMIQ EDIT)

The Red Collective - Have It All - Instrumental

The Red Collective - Have It All

The Red Collective - The Phoenix (feat. PAHLR) - Instrumental

The Red Collective - The Phoenix (feat. PAHLR)

Twisterium - Extreme Background