A Second Chance (Abandoned)

In "A Second Chance," you step into the shoes of an ordinary 19-year-old, enjoying the simplicity of youth. Abruptly, everything spirals into chaos. You're dead - but how did it happen, and why are you now seemingly alive and attending college? The mystery of your death hangs over you, an enigma that you're desperate to solve. Unraveling the secrets hidden within the college walls becomes your mission, not just to uncover the truth behind your inexplicable situation, but to save yourself from an untimely demise. But who can you trust in this puzzle? Each person you encounter might hold a piece of the truth or might be part of the bigger game. "A Second Chance" thrusts you into an intricate maze of mystery and intrigue where every decision you make could bring you closer to the truth, or push you further into the shadowy corners of uncertainty.

Current Version - 0.1.2 (Alpha)

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