Progress Report: Episode 1

Progress Report: Episode 1

Hey Everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well.

Just a little update on some of the things I've been working on since my last update.


I've been able to upgrade my render rig with some new gpus and such

Things are rendering in a matter of minutes.

I'm super excited to start rendering my long list of queued scenes and animations.


I also been putting in some work on the Apearance of the game for example:

All new main menus, new color schemes, new main menu music, and a whole new phone system I've been working on for awhile now.

Still on the fence about adding it in the first EP but It'll be in EP2 for sure.


I also decided to add more story to the first EP. It's about a 1000 more lines.


I have also descided to postpone the release of BCA Chirstmas Edition on steam till I can launch both BCA and its Christmas counterpart together as a bundle.


And that's pretty much it still trucking away at coding and posing.  



As always,

Make sure you stay safe!



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