IMPORTANT! - Progress Report: Episode 1

IMPORTANT! - Progress Report: Episode 1

Hey Everyone!

I trust you're all doing well.

I'm excited to share a brief update on the projects I've been diligently working on since my last message. I made significant headway last night, completing a substantial number of renders. In addition, I managed to find and license some fantastic music to elevate your experience, including an incredible Main Title Song - I'll divulge more about that later!

There are also two spicy animations in the pipeline, waiting to be posed and rendered. Plus, I've decided to slightly extend the EP, which I hope you'll appreciate.

Now, I'd like to address a few additions to our project. We will be including an End Credit section at the conclusion of the EP. 

For this round, all Discord members will have the unique opportunity to see their names on this list. 

If you'd like to request a specific name to be displayed or opt-out, please get in touch with us via our email - 

Be sure to include your Discord name and tag (for example, Bob#1234) along with your preferred name, with the subject line "End credit name adjustment"

The due date is - May 28th 2023

Enjoy your weekend and, as always, stay safe!

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