📜 Bancroft Academy 0.1.1 Patch Notes 🌟

📜 Bancroft Academy 0.1.1 Patch Notes 🌟

Hello Everyone!

We're thrilled to bring you the latest patch notes for Bancroft Academy. Let’s explore the magical new features and quality-of-life improvements we've been working on!

New Features:

  • AI Voice Overs (In Development): We've begun integrating AI voiceovers into the game, available up until the MC leaves for Bancroft Academy. Some parts of the voice lines are still robotic but this feature is still in the trial phase, and your feedback will be critical. Tell us what you think - it might become a permanent addition!

  • AutoMode Feature: Experience the game with the new AutoMode, where the text progresses automatically, creating a seamless narrative flow. You'll only need to interact when it's time to make those pivotal choices. When you activate AutoMode, you’ll be prompted to turn the AI voiceover on or off, based on your preference.

  • Direct Game Updates: With our new in-game update checker, you can ensure you're always on the latest version. This feature is especially handy for Android users and allows for quick fixes and updates without the need for a full Steam game update.

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Major Choice Indicator: We've implemented a new indicator system to make it clearer when you're making a significant choice. This will help you distinguish between choices that will turn the story and those with lesser impact.

  • Episode Completion Tracking: New variables have been added to track your progress through the episodes, ensuring you know just how far you've ventured into the mysteries of Bancroft Academy.

  • Updated Soundtrack: Say goodbye to PinkZebra's "Perfect Day" and hello to The Red Collective's "Have It All," setting a fresh and invigorating tone for your adventures.

  • New Logo: Bancroft Academy has a brand-new logo! It's sleek, it's modern, and it perfectly encapsulates the spirit of our game.

Known Bugs:

  • AutoMode & Voiceover Interaction: There’s an issue where clicking during active AutoMode with Voiceover on will turn off AutoMode but leave the Voiceover running. To fix this, simply re-enable AutoMode, opt-out of the Voiceover, and then disable AutoMode again if desired.

Your Feedback:

Your thoughts and experiences are invaluable to us. As we navigate through these enhancements and trials, your input helps us refine and perfect the Bancroft Academy experience.


Release Date Announcement:
Mark your calendars for November 7th at 1pm AST because that's when all of this becomes available to you. We can't wait for you to dive back into the halls of Bancroft Academy with these exciting new features.
As always, we're here because of your support, feedback, and passion for the world we've created together. Looking forward to your thoughts on the updates and seeing you on November 7th!
Stay curious, stay enchanted,
Mr. Aurora
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