"A mysterious journey awaits in the shadows of Bancroft Academy. Julia and Sofia are ready. Are you?"

👻 A Spooky Glimpse into Bancroft Academy EP2 🌙


Hello Everyone!

Excitement is in the eerie autumn air as we continue to craft the enchanting world of Bancroft Academy’s Second Episode! We're brewing a concoction of new experiences that will make the next episode a magical journey like no other.

While witches brew potions and ghouls roam the night, we unveil a mystical glimpse into EP2 with a special Halloween promo image featuring Julia and Sofia. This tantalizing peek is just the beginning, and there's a cauldron full of surprises waiting to be unveiled.

You can download find the full and uncompressed poster size on our Patreon

There's still a labyrinth of work ahead before we can announce a release date, but the adventure that unfurls will be worth the anticipation.

Thank you for your unwavering support. Your energy feeds our spirits, ensuring that Bancroft Academy becomes a realm of unparalleled intrigue and wonder.

Happy Halloween from MrAuroraGames!

Stay tuned, stay spooky, and look forward to the enchantment that EP2 will bring.


Mr. Aurora

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