🎨 Episode 2 Progress Update & 🎬 Exclusive Animation Sneak Peek

🎨 Episode 2 Progress Update & 🎬 Exclusive Animation Sneak Peek

Hello Everyone!

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Owl! Owl who? Owl you need is a little update from us to make your day better! 🦉 Now, let’s wave our wands over this past week at Bancroft Academy.

We've been gathering some shiny new assets for the next chapter of our tale. Think of it like setting up the board for a more epic game night. 🛠️

The story's quill was a little quiet this week, but don't worry, the plot is brewing. Meanwhile, our animators have been like backstage wizards, pulling together some test scenes that are a bit too spicy for the public eye. We're sending these exclusive previews out to our Intermediate tier patrons and up soon. Just a little heads-up: these animations might make your cheeks go as red as a fireball! 🔴🔥 We're really keen to hear what you think, so don't hold back on the feedback.

And check this out—a brand new render from Episode 2! It's like a little window into what we're working on, just to keep the hype going.

Come next Monday, we're diving deep into the story's 'meat and potatoes', and we promise it's going to be a hearty feast. The experiences in store are going to be different—expect the unexpected!

So that's the round-up. Your support is what makes this adventure possible, and we can't thank you enough for coming along for the ride.

Keep gaming, and here's to the next update being even bigger and better!


Mr. Aurora

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