🌟Special Update: A Brief Pause🌟

🌟Special Update: A Brief Pause🌟

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to personally reach out and provide an update regarding the recent silence from our end.

Unfortunately, I contracted COVID-19 and needed to take the week off to focus on recovery. The health and safety of our team is paramount, so we deemed it best to pause and ensure everyone's well-being.

Thankfully, I am on the mend now and steadily regaining strength. We're gearing up to jump back into the thick of things and continue bringing "Bancroft Academy" to life.

During this unexpected hiatus, I've had time to reflect on the incredible journey we've been on together. Your unwavering support, even during these quieter moments, means the world. As always, your health and well-being are equally crucial to us, so please ensure you're taking the necessary precautions in your daily lives.

We're excited to pick up where we left off, with renewed energy and drive. Stay tuned for more updates as we forge ahead, and thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

Wishing all of you good health and safety,


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